extrusion lines

Whether it’s a new project or you are thinking of moving existing production from elsewhere, we are happy to discuss your options. Our 3D design service and rapid prototypes, can help to visualise the product and gain initial sales and functional feedback and our open and dynamic approach to polymer and additive options will make sure that the finished product is both functional and cost effective.



Extrusion line has twin conical screws for processing a wide range of flexible and rigid PVC, capable of producing parts up to circa 150mmᶟ at a maximum rate of circa 100m/hour. An in line saw is incorporated, automatically cutting the profile to any desired length.



Post production we can print onto the finished product, CNC machine on our twin head high speed router and take care of any secondary ops assembly required. We offer a range of clever Packaging, Warehousing and Logistics options, to make things easy and highly professional.