Let us help bring your idea to reality

Whether you are a first time inventor looking to develop a new product or are looking to add a new product to your existing range, we can help. Every element required to make a product successful, from 3D CAD, product, material or production optimisation to logistics, sales, marketing and packaging support are available to our customers.



At the initial stage Opus will look at the product or idea and help to optimise the design, using the latest CAD and mould flow software. High quality 3D rapid prototypes can be made to help visualise or promote the product prior to production.



All different branding /finish/materials options will be actively explored at this stage, along with materials and colourants. There are even additives that we can add to the polymer to release a subtle perfume over time.



For tooling we always give you a range of options and look at which is the best for your particular project. Both Aluminium and Steel tools are available from UK or Worldwide partners. This ensures that whatever you are looking for we can provide. We will give you a range of quotes and/or recommendations allowing you to make the right choice. You will not see this level of openness elsewhere, as factories usually only use a single toolmaker or in house toolshop, both of which have a limited range and neither promotes choice.


We have worked with several successfully funded Kickstarter projects to help them bring there product to market. We can advise you on assembly, tooling and all the setup costs.