Let us help you with all your tooling needs...

At Opus we take a very progressive (forward thinking) approach to toolmaking. We have a range of options that we are able to offer our customers always at the right price, as we understand how crucial moulds are and how essential it is to get the right one.



Rather than running an expensive, inefficient tool room that limits our customers choice, like most other moulders, Opus works with local/national/international partners. These companies are the best at what they do and have been carefully chosen for their commitment to supplying quality well made tools at the right price.

Low Cost Tooling

We are happy to discuss all the different tool options and link this to your business model and expectations. People often spend too much on tooling, loading themselves with unnecessary debt and pressure, when there are no sales to cover it. It is often better to start with Bridge Tooling, simple low cost tooling that allows the product to be made and for the distribution network to be developed. Once sales increase profit can be used to create a more efficient tool that maximises profitability and which is able to handle the increased demand.

Types of tooling

Traditional steel tooling is our bread and butter, we have lost of experience designing and manufacturing the different sizes and designs of tooling, with both hot and cold runner systems. The design of the tool and overall complexity can be varied depending on your specific requirements. This will be covered during any enquiry/consultation.

Alternatively, Aluminium tooling is available along with traditional steel and hybrid tooling that combines both. The benefits of Aluminium against steel are often over rated, but we are happy to make this available if there is genuine benefit against steel.